AmeriCool Technologies

Heating and Air Conditioning Service Company

We have the "COOLEST" customers, with the "WARMEST" hearts.

"After getting a quote from one of the big companies I had decided to just go without air for a while until I could save up the money to afford the NEW system they told me I needed.  A friend of mine was a customer of AmeriCool Technologies and told me to just give them a call.  I called and within a few hours my air was working and I didn't need to replace the unit."

Vincent Laird

"My shop was HOT and my clients were NOT happy.  AmeriCool Technologies showed me the problem and explained how I could avoid having the same situation happen again.  With a little maintenance our system is going to stay with us a few more years but when it is time to replace the system I can gaurantee AmeriCool Technologies is the only company I will call."

David Morrison

"I am COOL because of AmeriCool!  It's true.  I met Jeremy through a friend and when my air went out in August I gave him a call.  He replaced my 16 year old unit with an energy efficient unit so I get the tax credit and I have the COOLEST system in my neighborhood.  He topped it off with a programmable thermostat, what guy doesn't want a new gadget that can also save money."

Carlos Reyes

"I own several rental homes and I have learned regular maintenance of my systems is essential to maintaining warranties and extending the life of the units.  AmeriCool Technologies has been my HVAC company for 4 years and I can honestly say that their work is professional, knowledgeable, and timely.  I have had work done by several other heating and air companies and by far AmeriCool is the best.  You will not pay for things that you don't need and that's the way it should be.  Thanks AmeriCool."

Anne Pich